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Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber

temperature and humidity test chamber meet the user's test needs.
  • RT-TH-800S
  • R-TEK

The programmable constant temperature and humidity test box is also called the high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test box, which can accurately simulate the complex natural environment such as low temperature, high temperature, temperature, humidity change, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity and other complex natural environments to test its various performance indicators. The structure of the programmable constant temperature and humidity test box is designed by three-dimensional design software and AUTOCAD design software, and it adopts full laser processing, standardized manufacturing process, beautiful appearance, elegant appearance, and convenient maintenance. The matching of parts and components is reasonable, and the main functional components are produced by well-known international and domestic enterprises.

Details description:

Programmable constant temperature and humidity test box Details:

1. Features of the programmable constant temperature and humidity test box:

1. Outer box material: The box body is made of laser processing, and the box shell is painted with A3 steel plate, which is beautiful and elegant;

2. Inner box material: SUS304# mirror stainless steel plate.

3. Insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam, the thickness of the insulation layer is 100mm.

4. Test hole: install a ¢100mm test thread hole on the left side of the box.

5. Box door: single door, left door, a 350X500mm hollow resistive film heating and frost-proof observation window and a Philips high-efficiency energy-saving lamp are designed to be installed on the box door, which is convenient for viewing the changes of the test products in the studio.

三、Main technical parameters of programmable constant temperature and humidity test box:

Humidity range

temperature range150℃~-40℃
temperature uniformity≤2℃
temperature fluctuation≤±0.5℃
temperature deviation≤±2℃
Humidity Fluctuation≤±2.5%R.H
Humidity deviation≤±3%R.H(注:65%R.H以下为≤±3%R.H)
heating and cooling timeRT~130℃ 45min\RT~-40℃ 50min
power supplyAC380V 50Hz
Installed power12Kw
Safety protection device

Power leakage, short circuit, phase loss, phase sequence protection, studio overtemperature protection, compressor overpressure,Overload protection, fan overload protection, water tank shortage protection

Standard accessoriesTwo-layer sample holder, silicone plug, meteorological gauze, manual, warranty card,certificate, electrical schematic diagram




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