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Single Head Shield Cover SMT Mounting Machine

Product Features:

This product is suitable for the production of wireless terminal equipment (mobile phones, models, routers, drone motherboards, car GPS motherboards, etc.) SMT line tail,Universal before and after the furnace, instead of manually performing the work of shielding cover, crimping, die cutting, barcode reading, etc.
  • RTF-300
  • R-TEK

Product Features:

This product is suitable for the production of wireless terminal equipment (mobile phones, models, routers, drone motherboards, car GPS motherboards, etc.) SMT line tail,Universal before and after the furnace, instead of manually performing the work of shielding cover, crimping, die cutting, barcode reading, etc.


1. Suitable for single or double-sided up to 4 kinds of disc materials or 6 kinds of die-cutting parts, fast speed and good stability

2. It can be placed on the front of the furnace / behind the furnace to install the shielding cover, saving the manpower of loading, increasing production capacity and improving product quality;

3. Compatible with carrier and non-carrier PCB board mounting shield cover;

4. bilateral feeding, four to six disc feeder stations, disc feeders have a choice of 2 to 10 discs, to meet the needs of different products, docking with the production line to achieve line production;

5. Efficient multi-axis working head: 6 vacuum nozzles, the mounting speed can reach 2.5S/PCS, and the pass rate is ≥99.8%;

6. high-precision transmission positioning system: the use of imported linear servo motor, grating scale, closed-loop control. Significantly improved speed, accuracy, stability and equipment life;

7. It can increase the functions of applicable tape, label placement and QR code scanning, so that the equipment can be diversified and provide customers with convenient production mode;

8. comes with 2D barcode reading function: automatically read the barcode after the label is posted;

9. the equipment can be changed to the use of Odd-form Component Inserter.




Device model


Device Size


Left to Right

Host weight


Host power supply Power

power supply:2KW, single-phase:220V,50HZ

Host air source


Track height

900±20mm adjustable

Track width adjustment method

CNC automatic adjustment

Transmission speed Max


Applicable PCB size

Single rail:50*50---350*250mm

Applicable PCB thickness


Acceptable maximum weight of PCB


Allowable PCB deformation


PCB upper clearance


Bottom clearance of PCB


Mechanism repeatability


Online code reading function


Compatible shield cover range


Control system

PC+Gugao motion axis card+Panasonic servo motor

System access

Can be connected to shopfloor, MES, IMS and other systems

Processed UPH

depends on the specific product

Processing yield and efficiency

depends on the specific product material

Environmental requirements

Temperature 0-40 ºC, humidity 35-85%


Company Profile
Guangdong R-TEK Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.-as a professional manufacturer of SMT intelligent electronic equipment,which has been committed to providing advanced products and comprehensive quality services for the global electronics and related industries. R-TEK Intelligent has won a good reputation and high market share in the industry. R-TEK Intelligent is a company specializing in the production and service of SMT smart manufacturing,which has more than 10 years' industry experience. It is mainly used in online marking of PCB circuit boards in the SMT industry, cutting of FPC soft boards, and automatic marking in various other industries. Our products include fully automatic PCB online CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, FPC laser cutting machine, and other types of laser application products. Right-TEK Intelligent has won the market recognition with our hard work and great efforts. 

Under the guidance of professional and refined business philosophy, Right-TEK team is constantly innovating with a spirit of constant focus and continuous improvement. In order to meet the requirements of multifunctional, high precision and low energy consumption process, we have developed a flexible response mechanism and established a targeted design concept.
Our goal: multifunctional-high precision-low energy consumption!
Our mission: Service comes first, win-win cooperation, steady development!
SMT Online Laser Marking Machine

After-Sales service:

Technical support
# From the purchase date, one year free warranty, lifelong maintenance
# Provide technical update and technical service at any time
# Software system life - long free upgrade, to ensure the latest version of the software and perfect functions
# Provide technical training according to customer needs

Service support
# Since the date of purchase, the customer has become a lifetime member of  our company and enjoys the all-day waiting service
# Make phone calls and on-site visits to customers from time to time, communicate with customers and improve related problems in a timely manner
# Provide door-to-door service, one - on - one designated service policy

Advantage, Why choose us:

1. R-TEK specializes in Laser Marking Machines.we are Self-branded famous manufacture around the world
2. Self developed and owned software, Company industry experience,15 engineers in our R-TEK
3. 2000 sets production capability per year
4. CE,ISO,TUV certified company
5. We have many years of SMT sales, installation and after-sales service experience.
6. We have exported laser markers in Vietnam, Mexico,Turkey,Spain,Saudi Aribia,Estonia,India and other countries. Many of them are new customers starting from scratch.
7. We assist customers to train professional technicians and provide technical support at any time.

Customer Site:

SMT Online Laser Marking Machine
Honor Wall
SMT Online Laser Marking Machine
R-TEK group
SMT Online Laser Marking Machine


Q: What we can do for you?
A: R-Tek specialize in Laser Marking Machines,professional Technical Support and Service.

Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.

Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 30 days upon receipt of payment.




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