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PCB Online Automatic Laser Marking Machine

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PCB Online Automatic Laser Marking Machine

PCB Online Automatic Laser Marking Machine

Model No.RTM-C450


The fully automatic laser marking machine is a professional equipment for marking 1D code, QR code, text, symbol or graphic on the surface of PCB. It consists of laser marking system, XY precision motion platform, MARK+CCD precise positioning system, transmission track automatic adjustment system and online reading system.





* Fully automatic control, PC + QC software control, Windows 10 operating system.

* Optional CO2/FAYB/UV laser marking system with XY precision positioning and CCD+MARK precise positioning. The marking position accuracy is less than 0.02mm. (This case uses a CO2 laser)

* Can print Chinese characters, English, numbers, charts, serial numbers, LGOG, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

* Can access the shopfloor\MES system.

* Support for document import such as Geber, DXF.

* Supports marking different types of materials such as PCB, FPC, and metal shield.

* Features high quality, high yield, high stability, no production consumables.


Software operation characteristics


* Edit template visualization operation is displayed on the PCB in real time, so the editor can look at the marking area to adjust the size, text position, text spacing and so on. User-friendly operation is very strong. It is fast and adapts to various bar code rules. It takes about 3 minutes to edit a template.


* All editors use CCD visual painting operation, which is intuitive, simple and convenient.


* With anti-gravity printing data function, avoid repeated marking of bar code information.


* Bar code engraving has an array function, simple and fast. It is convenient to engrave multiple boards, or a variety of bar codes.


* You can palletize the barcode to any PCB position. It can realize the function of moving the current position to the position in real time. It does not need the coordinate, modify the data and change the coordinate data, but intuitively drag and drop the barcode to the corresponding The location is OK and the operation is very intuitive.



Application areas:



*Laser PCB marking         


*Laser component marking   


 *Laser ceramic marking   


* Laser plastic marking


* Laser metal marking




CO2 laser (USA Synrad )

Laser Machine :Synrad’ s 48-series

Rugged & reliable

More than 50,000 applications worldwide

Service life : more than 40,000 hours



Transmission track (using TBI imported screw, imported TBI slide)

Stepping + screw accurately control the width of the plate, and at the same time it can fit the positioning of the workpiece in the Y-axis direction. The working position of the guide rail has a top plate device to ensure that the workpiece is accurately positioned on the laser focal plane when marking the workpiece with different thicknesses to ensure the printing effect.





Operating software

The vivid and easy-to-use graphical interactive interface is full-featured and easy to operate. It can be imported into Gerber file programming, and optional offline image editing mode can be edited and debugged at any time.




CCD system (Using German IMAGING  Industrial Camera)

High resolution color industrial camera + visual image processing system + CCD positioning system, bar code reading and inspection system.


Processing advantages

After focusing, the extremely thin laser beam is like a cutting tool, which can remove the surface material of the object point by point. The advancement is that the marking process is in non-contact processing and avoid damage caused by mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress. Since the focusing laser  has a small spot size, a small heat-affected area, and fine processing,  it can fulfill the perfect process.


Low cost, fully automatic, easy to operate

The tool used in laser machining is the spot after focusing. The processing speed is fast, and only the power consumption is required, no additional equipment and materials need to be added, and the processing cost is low. Laser processing is automatically controlled by a computer and requires no human intervention during production.


Easy product identification

The laser-marked information and symbols will not be dissipated due to the harsh environment, and the information can be permanently maintained. The laser can mark the unique serial number, supervision number, and easy product identification and traceability. Conventional processes are difficult to mimic the unique effects of laser marking, so laser marking is superior in terms of security.


Meet environmental requirements

Laser processing is non-toxic and harmless. The processed products exceed the environmental protection requirements of various countries. It is a safe and clean processing method, and there is no need to worry about the export restrictions caused by silk screen and corrosion.


Achieve zero backlog inventory

Laser processing is flexible and easy to control. It is controlled by computer and has no minimum processing volume requirements. You can mark products for different customer orders, which can easily achieve flexible customization and differentiated production, thus reducing the risk of product backlog.


The marking sample pictures are as follow



Main technical parameters of PCB online laser marking machine

Model No:RTM-C450





——●Host specification

Host size approx.

Left to right width: 900mm

Front to back depth: 1580mm

Up to down height: 1650mm (machine body height) (excluding three-color lamp height)

Direction: left to right Right to left (optional)

Host weight about


Host power

Power: 1.5KW

Power supply: single phase 220VAC, 50Hz

Host air source

5-7Kgf/cm2 OR 0.5-0.7MPa

Pipeline working height

900±20mm adjustable

Lens height focal length adjustment

Manual adjustment

Adjustment range: ± 10mm

Automatic adjustment (optional)

Pipeline flow path width adjustment method

CNC automatic adjustment

Flow path transfer speed


Smoking tube specifications

2 inches

——●PCB requirements

Applicable PCB specifications




 Flap function


PCB maximum allowable weight


PCB allowable deformation


Track transfer speed


The maximum height of the board surface components on the PCB (excluding the board thickness)


PCB bottom surface board component maximum height (excluding board thickness)


Mechanism repeatability

± 0.02mm

X-Y motion speed


System access

Access to intelligent management systems such as Shopfloor, MES, and IMS

Laser type

CO2 laser, wavelength 10640nm

Laser power


Laser spot diameter

CO2   0.08mm

Printing angle

360 degrees

focal length


cooling method

Forced air cooling

Scanning range of the laser scanning head


Laser scanning field lens standard focal length


Positioning system

CCD+mark positioning

Online reading function


Marking accuracy

Up/down   left/ right direction


Bar code compatible

One-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, graphics, text, etc.

Marking time

4-piece plate, 9 seconds in and out of the board (including positioning + marking + reading, from the PCB board completely into the device, to the time of the device)

Track width adjustment system


Control System

PC+ Googol motion axis card +  servo motor

Transmission direction

Left to right, right to left (optional)

——●Software and network

Computer operating system

Windows10  Simplified Chinese version

Coded operating software

R-TEK self-developed software

Computer support network type



Natural environment

——●Environmental requirements


0-40 ° C, no condensation, no icing


35-85% RH no condensation, no icing

Transportation and storage environment

This series of machines can be transported and stored in the range of -25 to 55 °C. Within 24 hours, it can withstand temperatures up to 65 °C.

——●Dust extraction system

Independent ventilation (standard)

Air volume

≥5 cubic/min

Main configuration list


Brand and model


Laser device

USA Synrad 48-1  10W


Industrial computer

Siemens Industrial Computer

I5 processor, 4G RAM, 500G hard drive

industrial camera

Germen IMAGING series


Galvotech (standard configuration)

Germany Raylase(optional for extra cost)


Taiwan TBI screw 20*20

Slide rail

Taiwan TBI

servo motor


Transport motor

Japan Samsr 

Light eye

Panasonic reflected light eye

Motion control card

Googol Tech  GTS400

Marking card

JCZ PCIE Digital Card

controlling software

R-TEK self developed software

Laser machine outline drawing:



Multi-station soldering, laser cutting and marking comprehensive purification equipment special series




First, the scope of application of RT-SPM400

        Comprehensive purification and filtration of smoke, dust, odor, toxic and harmful gases generated by multi-station soldering iron soldering, laser cutting, laser marking, wave soldering, etc.

Working on these occasions produces a lot of smoke, poisonous gases and dust particles that are harmful to the human body. For example, when laser cutting acrylic and leather, it will produce strong smoke, a lot of dust, and a pungent smell. The smoke purification equipment can immediately purify and treat the above-mentioned serious pollutants, and the purified clean air can be directly discharged indoors without external pipeline discharge.


Second, the specification parameters,


Air inlet flange

Input voltage

Output Power

Air volume

Filter effect






AC220v 50Hz


380 m³/h






Third, product features

1. Appearance and structure

   ◆The appearance is simple and elegant, stable and elegant. The fuselage integrated design, using metal frame structure, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray process, durable. With a brushed stainless steel panel, it is more classic and delicate, and it is refreshing!

◆The universal casters are installed at the bottom for easy movement.

◆ Install humanized stepless speed governor, which can adjust the air volume and suction force at will.

2. Fan:

◆ Adopt DC brushless motor, reliable performance and long life cycle.

◆ stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption and long working hours. No regular maintenance is required and the cost is lower.

◆The wind wheel adopts eddy flow backward design and special alloy material to effectively prevent the wind wheel from being corroded. The unique dynamic balance correction technology makes the wind turbine run more smoothly and reliably. High air volume, large suction, and higher filtration rate.

3. Filtration system:

◆Using a five-fold filter design. Filter layer by layer to ensure that harmful fumes are filtered out more thoroughly. The purification rate can reach 99.99%.

◆ Modular design, layer protection. Each layer of filter cartridges can be replaced individually, with longer filter life and lower replacement costs.

◆The unique internal sealing structure, combined with special sealing materials, allows harmful substances to pass through the filtration system, and the filtration efficiency is higher.

◆ Built-in circulating active filtering method to avoid indoor air-conditioning/heating from being discharged outside, without damaging the temperature and humidity environment in the operating range.


4. Smoke collecting device

◆The machine can be equipped with a universal smoking arm, which can be changed at any direction and self-positioning (the length can be customized according to customer requirements). It can also be connected to a hose. The end is equipped with a large hood, which has a wide range of smoking.

◆Easy to install, easy to use, with external exhaust vents, external piping.



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