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Inteligient Burn-in Test Equipment

  • Chamber Used to Test Material Temperature and Humidity Resistance
    Test material heat, cold, temperature resistance, humidity resistance, suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metals, chemicals, building materials, food, medical, aerospace and other products
    Model: RT-GD
  • Non-isolated Energy-saving Electronic Load Module
    Un-isolated energy-saving electronic load module,with CC/CV/CR/CP for load mode,apply to the aging test for power converters such as medium and large power server power supply,miner power supply,PC power supply,communication power supply,module power supply,industrial power supply etc,Including the power supply of AC/DC,DC/DC.
    Model: RT1103
  • Industrial Power Supply Energy-saving Burn-in Testing Equipment
    Suitable for adapter ,industrial power suppply,LED power supply ,server power supply ,communication power supply,mine power supply,PC power supply and SSN ,NPS power supply burn-in.
    Model: RT-EN
  • Isolated Energy-saving Electronic Load Module
    Isolated Energy-saving electronic load module,with CC/CV/CR/CP/LED five load mode,apply to the aging test for power converters such as large power LED driver,TV power supply,communication power supply ,module power supply,adapter,charger,industrial power supply etc,Including the power suppy of AC/AC,AC/DC,DC/AC,DC/DC.
    Model: RT1102
  • Energy Saving Burn-in Equipment for New Energy Vehicle Power Supply
    Apply to burn-in test of hybrid car,electric vehicles,electric buses,new energy vehicles and DC-DC converters.
    Model: RT-EI
  • LED Drive Power Burn-in Equipment
    Scope of application :LED drive power 
    Functional advantages:Set various load parameters and real-time monitor for parameters such as voltage,current and power by computer softwareBe of five kinds of load modes such as CC,CD,CR,CP and LEDsupport parallel connection of channels under any load modes and meet power extension of productssupport power burn-in from low voltage to high voltage and from low current to large current Be of built-in over -temperature and smoke-alarming automatic protection device
    Model: RT-DI
  • High And Low Temperature Burn-in Cabinet
    Features:1. Aging test of EMMC and MONO products. (The two products can share the same aging cabinet)
    2. The aging cabinet has advanced and reasonable structure design, and the supporting products and functional components are at the international advanced level, which can meet the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production needs. It can meet the user's processing and production requirements for the above-mentioned purposes, and is convenient to use, operate and maintain, has a long service life, beautiful appearance, and has a good user interface, which makes the user's operation and monitoring more simple and intuitive.3. The main components of the equipment use high-quality products from internationally renowned brand manufacturers to ensure the quality and performance of the whole machine.4. The equipment has perfect performance and is easy to operate.
    Model: RT-HL
  • Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber
    Environmental stress screening is the screening of electronic assemblies for defects that are exposed at the most cost-effective manufacturing point and cannot be detected by visual inspection or electrical testing. These defects are usually related to defective parts or workmanship and are usually early field failures. The rapid temperature change test chamber is used for various electronic products, electrical products, quality testing, and from the communication, instrumentation, automobile, plastic, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace and other industries.
    Model: RT-ESS



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