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High And Low Temperature Alternating Damp Heat Test Chamber

1. This product is the corresponding technical conditions and manufacture of the high and low temperature humidity and heat test box. It mainly provides a temperature and humidity change environment for scientific research and production units such as batteries/battery packs for users to test the whole machine (or components), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc. Assess the suitability of the test product or evaluate the behavior of the test product. Exposing product defects is an indispensable and important test method in the whole process of new product development, prototype test, and product qualification test.
2. The equipment consists of test box, refrigeration system, water system, heating system, air duct system, temperature control system, humidification system, explosion-proof system, safety protection device and other units.
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1. The structure design of the test system is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous;

2. The main functional components of the test box are equipped with world famous brand configuration (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principle, optimal control of noise and energy saving - its performance can be compared with similar foreign products.

3. The matching and assembly of parts and components are well matched, and the main functional components are imported original parts with international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of the product, and can ensure the user's long-term and high-frequency use requirements.

4. The equipment has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, does not pollute the environment and endanger human health.

5. All wires in the control cabinet have serial numbers and numbers printed by special equipment, and the lines are clear and clear at a glance.

6. The tests that can be completed are: high temperature test chamber, low temperature test, constant temperature and humidity heat test, high and low temperature cycle test, high and low temperature alternating humidity heat cycle test.

7. All tests can be completed: control of heating and cooling speed. During the test, the temperature change and humidity change: can meet the test requirements of different users

Main Specifications:

1 Studio size (D depth x W width x H height)  1000 ×1000×1000mm (内箱容积:1000L)

2 Dimensions (approx.) (D depth × W width × H height)  1450×1200×1950mm

3 Temperature range  -40~+150℃

4 Temperature fluctuations  ≤±0.5℃ (tested when the temperature is constant)

5 Temperature deviation  ≤±2℃ (tested when the temperature is constant)

6 Heating rate  -40℃~+130℃ (no load) Linearity 3℃/min

7 Cooling rate  +20℃~-40℃ Linearity 3℃/min (no load)

8 Humidity range  Humidity: 20~95%R.H (when the charging device is not charging and discharging)

9 Humidity deviation  +2/-3%R.H (when humidity>75%R.H), ±5%R.H (when humidity≤75%R.H)

10 Humidity fluctuations ≤±3%R.H

11 Power AC 380V±10%、50 Hz、Three-phase four-wire + ground wire

12 Cooling method  air cooling

13 noise  About 70 decibels (1.5M away from the device) test

14 Installed power  About 16Kw.

Heat Test Chamber




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